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London–day one

arrived here at approx. six o’clock this morning….didn’t leave the airport until half past eight. Ended up arriving at the hotel about fifteen minutes ahead of angela. Our hotel room wasn’t ready so we left our luggage with the concierge and headed off for notting hill to see portobello road market……lots of market, not alot of interesting merchandise…..side note, london has lots of hills!!!! My legs are about to fall off….really need to get in better shape. Anyhow, spent the morning wandering around and not taking pictures….managed to get lost at which point we decided to purchase a tube pass and skip the walking….walking is for peons, not cool people like us. When we finally made it back to our hotel we still had an hour left before our room was ready so we set off exploring kensington high street. There were a disappointly high number of american stores, plus, much to my horror, a quarter pounder with cheese is still called a quarter pounder, despite the lack of metric system 😦 Found Holland Park and took a brief rest in the shade….they had a ‘doggy potty’ that we got a picture of, for some reason (perhaps lack of sleep?) we found it highly amusing. After wearing our legs to tiny nubs we made our way back to the hotel and checked in. our room is very small and there is no sign of a hair dryer but we are so tired that the beds are a welcome sight and we promply plop down on them and take a two hour nap. after awaking moderately refreshed we headed out for the tube to go on the jack the ripper walking tour. the tour started from tower hill tube station….since we were about an hour and a half early we decided to explore and in the process found london bridge and the tower of london….pretty hard to miss really, but hey, i suppose it’s possible. we also found some as of yet unidentified greek looking building that we intend to investigate further when we return. during the jack the ripper tour we discovered that the east side of london is much less picturesque than the west side and rather abandoned. the tour was informative and our guide was funny in a rehearsed sort of way. all in all the tower was a much cooler discovery so it made the aching legs and feet worth it. have so far used an entire roll of film and was quite angry with myself for not remembering to bring a spare with me. anyhow we are now absolutely starving so that’s an end to today’s ramblings. I’ll come back some day and add paragraph breaks until then, well i’m the only one who reads this anyhow so it doesn’t matter :p.

side note….london has VERY funny cars….i’ll write more about the ‘smart’ car after i procure pictures of it… determined that i will get up the courage to ask some random driver questions about it….hopefully without appearing to be too much of an obnoxious american.



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