Delusions of Grandeur

Everything has a beginning

Posted on: September 1, 2003

No everyday object is as intimidating as a blank piece of paper….There are so many possibilities that are open with every sheet, but where do you start? I used to almost get hives when given any writing assignments in school. This certainly isn’t the same thing because it’s not anything to get graded on, but it does seem to have some elements of those scary days from high school when my teacher would write some assignment on the board and then turn to look at us expectently. I guess the only way to really start is to just start writing so that’s what I’ve done and eventually the rambling may end and coherent entries may start to take their place. But for now the incoherent rambling is a start and it’s more than I had even five minutes ago. I’ll add more later and we’ll see how things go from there.


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