Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: September 4, 2003

I’ve spent most of the day taking career aptitude tests. I’ve got to find a place that gives the interest tests since I can’t seem to find the one I want to take on the internet. Well….at least not for less than 80 dollars. My head is now ringing, and I’m only halfway finished with the aptitude tests. I have yet to take one that I haven’t gotten superior on. But I haven’t taken the mechanical part yet… we’ll see. I don’t know how scoring superior on all of them is supposed to tell me what I would be good at…..that doesn’t narrow anything down in my opinion, but we’ll so how it goes once I get the results back. In other news I got the journal back from Jessica today. I wrote nine pages and then my hand felt like it was about to fall off so I stopped. After all I’ve got a month before it has to go back. I took a bike ride into the Grove today and went to Borders to look for career placement advice books. I only found the one with the aptitude tests that looked even remotely helpful, so I bought that one plus a book by Jack Heffron called “The Writer’s Idea Book” that looks like it could be pretty interesting. I met up with seth and had sushi for lunch, which was pretty good, although I’m starting to get hungry again. I’m going to go to the Sims site and check for the superstar patch….I can’t play the stupid game for more than an hour and a half without my whole computer freezing up. Friends is on tonight, unfortunately it’s one of the few that I saw last season….i wonder when they’re starting the new season. I should be able to keep up with it better this season than I was able to last season. I feel disappointed in the way the plot lines have dropped off the past year or so. Well i guess that’s pretty much all for now.


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