Delusions of Grandeur

Moving Day

Posted on: September 5, 2003

I’ve decided to move all my stuff from DiaryLand over to this journal….I never remember to log on to the diaryland journal and they’ve already archived it twice so I figure I’ll just move those entries here and backdate them. I love this little desktop program feature….It makes it much easier to add entries…..and it’s a great reminder that the thing exists in the first place. Anyhow, it’s not like there are that many entries but I figured I had better mention it to avoid the confusion of entries that exist before the account was even created!

Breakfast: Cocoa-puffs cereal bar….tastes alright, but I would rather just have the cereal the way it’s meant to be….but alas that extra fifteen minutes of sleep is sooo much more important!
Lunch: 12 Uh-oh oreos and a 20 oz. Sierra Mist (that can’t be healthy, but it sure tastes good, I LOVE those uh-oh oreos…I think they’re better than the originals!)

Today is seth’s mom’s birthday……we’re going on someplace as yet undetermined for dinner……let the arguments over food begin! Normally we set these things up weeks in advance but they were in Alaska until night before yesterday so they havne’t made reservations yet. We went italian for mother’s day, steak for my birthday (there’s a surprise!), Indian for seth’s dad, thai for Kae…….with those statistics in mind we’ll probably end up with chinese.

In other news, angela got her journal set up….although she has yet to add any real info to her info page 😦 But I’m still pretty excited. I feel like I’m so out of touch with my friends since I moved. Sigh….if only I could move Miami to Texas……but leave all the annoying Miami things behind……


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