Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: September 5, 2003

So I was right, we did end up at chinese. We went to this new place on south beach called “Yao” it means something like satisfying or full, I don’t remember anymore… was hands down the best chinese we’ve had in a long time….ever since they closed Chrysanthemum. Seht’s dad was sitting right next to me and I saw the bill…..for the five of us it cost $368……so it’s a good thing that it was good! It never ceases to amaze me how over priced EVERYTHING is on the beach. I mean for five people to eat sandwiches at Jerry’s deli and an appetizer never fails to cost less than $150. Anyhow, so the birthday dinner went off without a hitch and she seemed to like her presents. The also brought us back all kinds of nifty stuff from alaska. I got this really cool neck thing that is shaped like an otter (they’re so CUTE), anyhow, it hasthese wierd beady things in it that you can either heat or chill to relax your muscles. I’ll probably end up keeping it on my monitor at work……that’ll produce enough heat to keep it warm enough to use every so often, but save me the trouble of having to clean out the office microwave….which would really bite since nobody EVER cleans up their own messes. We also got an ULU knife…also known as a woman’s knife. It looks remarkably like the head of a tomahawk, it’s some alaskan native thing that’s pretty neat, it comes with a bowl shaped wooden cutting board thing that I actually like better than the knife. We also looked through a few of the pictures from Denali National Park…….it looks like a very gorgeous place….although I’m still holding with my opinion that Ireland is prettier. Speaking of pretty places, seth’s parents asked today if everybody wanted to go on a cruise through Tahiti, Bora Bora, etc instead of going skiing this year….and of course seth the freak who actually LIKES the cold was like “INSTEAD?! Nope, I want to go skiing.” I couldn’t believe it….I mean he goes skiing EVERY YEAR and he’s passing up the opportunity to see what is officially known as the most beautiful place in the world!!!!

In other news I discovered that it is almost impossible to immigrate to Tahiti being that it’s owned by the French and thus subject to French and EU immigration laws……sometimes it really sucks to be an american…so I guess there goes my plan to abandon society and live on a tropical island. I suppose I could move to Guam or something……they’re a territory of the US so it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult, but Guam is so much more ordinary sounding that Tahiti. Dinner tonight turned into a long discussion about what on earth I want to do with my life….which I am still firmly in the “Undecided” column about. Speaking of which I’m off to resume my search for online career tests. Sigh….I feel like I’ve answered a million of these things in the past two days!


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