Delusions of Grandeur

those little link things

Posted on: September 6, 2003

I’ve noticed that alot of people use those little livejournal link things to make their entry look shorter on people’s friends page. That seems like a really good idea and is definitely more considerate. I think I’ll go back through and edit my posts to do that. I got up this morning and once again started sorting through my pictures from the UK. I really want to start working on that scrapbook but at the same time I’m kind of afraid to start. I’ve sorted and re-sorted those picture so many times now because I’m afraid that I’ll use one on a page and then want it for a different page later. I don’t know why I’m so worried about it, it’s not like I don’t have thousands of the things! I want to finish it before November though so I guess I had best work on it while I’m feeling productive and quit worrying over the planning of it.

Oh so I took another one of those tests, here are the results:
“You are a Protector.” This means that on the professional level, you have two dominant characteristics: first, a keen intuition in relation to people and events; and second, a great depth of mind which demonstrates a sensitivity way above the average. Your preferences are inclined towards careers where you can be of service or make yourself useful.” The funny thing is that one of the top recommendations was for me to be an elementary school teacher and as Angela so eloquently put it, “That’s even funnier than you dressing as a nun for halloween.” Sigh….why must these personality tests turn out so far off base.


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