Delusions of Grandeur

Never take anything good in your life for granted.

Posted on: September 7, 2003

Tonight I got a call from Jessica, the girl who has been my best friend since the seventh grade. She called to tell me she had been in a car wreck this evening around 7:30 central time. She flipped her truck and slid for approx. 15 feet and was stuck dangling from her seatbelt upside down for 10 minutes while she waited for the paramedics to arrive. The entire time she was telling me this I was on the verge of tears. I have no idea why, she is completely okay and nobody was hurt. She has full coverage on her vehicle so the truck is taken care of and her insurance will even cover the medical bills. Absolutely nothing is wrong with her other than bruising from the seatbelt and yet I’m still shaking half an hour after her phone call. I just keep thinking that that phone call could have gone so differently. I keep picturing Momma and Daddy calling to tell me that she had a wreck and didn’t make it out or is laying in a hospital in critical condition. It’s wierd because at the exact time she was having the wreck I was taking a break from the scrapbook and writing to her in the journal we share. It’s all I can do to keep myself from calling everybody I know and making sure they’re alright. I’ve already called seth and asked him to make sure he drives carefully on the way home. He’s always so reckless and forgets to wear his seatbelt all the time. If something like this can happen to Jessica, who is a very careful driver and was driving on a slightly curvy but typically safe road in clear conditions….then what on earth happens when you put a reckless driver on rainy roads? She was completely conscious through the entire thing and remembers the whole wreck. It’s a good thing because it means she doesn’t have any head trauma, but to have seen the asphalt as you’re flying through the air upside down……I can’t even imagine, and I hope I never have to know, what that’s like. I’m just so glad she’s okay. I’m going to call tomorrow to see how she’s doing once everything has a chance to settle and she gets past the shock.


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