Delusions of Grandeur

Everyday life

Posted on: September 11, 2003

Things are pretty boring around here. My eyes are all blurry from staring at filing all day and my back hurts from bending over the file cabinet, but it’s nothing that a nice long bath won’t take care of. One of Seth’s friends from colorado is down for the weekend, he arrived late this afternoon so we should be pretty busy this weekend. We’re having dinner with seth’s parents tomorrow and they want me to go with them to help them decide what patio furniture they want. It’s down to a teak set or a wrought iron set….altough I can almost guarantee without even seeing them that I’m going to like the teak furniture better. I love wood. I think that’s why I like their new house so much better than the old one. The old one was all marble, while the new one has hardwood floors and these lovely french doors all the way around the living room and dining room and a big picture window in the breakfast room that looks out onto this positively gorgeous banyan tree that you can tell has just been there forever! The new house is much warmer than the old one as a result of all the wood too. All in all they’ve done a great job with the place and now all that’s left is the outside which is FINALLY almost finished. They started the remodelling a year ago when they bought the place and they’re just now finished. The original estimate was that it would be finished before thanksgiving of last year……leave it up to miami to drag things out 10 months longer than it’s supposed to!!
I’ve been staring at the bedroom lately trying to figure out how to rearrange it. Unfortunately the bed set is HUGE and can’t really go anywhere but where it is and the closet is ackwardly located. and where there isn’t a closet there’s either the door going out into the hallway or the door going to the backporch. I’m totally tempted to just block off the door but I’m sure that’s awful feng shui! Everytime I get bored in life the first thing to change is either my haircut or my furniture arrangement. Since my hair is as short as it can get and my living room is at it’s optimal arrangement after my last redecorating burst I think I’m going to go crazy until I figure out what to do with the bedroom…..I just can’t accept that that is as good as it gets. If I can’t figure out something I may find myself demanding that we make the living room space into the bedroom and the bedroom into a living room. I could just SEE the response to that one!!! Maybe I should paint the walls or something? But then we have to paint them back whenever it comes time to move out. Whatever I’ll just keep staring at it until I either figure something out or go insane.


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