Delusions of Grandeur

the first movie

Posted on: September 15, 2003

Have decided that instead of working on any sort of graphics I should soothe my mind with movies that are familiar and comfortable. And since they’ve been showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone down in child and adolescent for the past two weeks and I’ve had the music stuck in my head, what better than that? The dursley’s are currently being beset with Hogwart’s letters. Stupid evil abusive dursley’s….if it weren’t for the fact that harry would probably end up feeling all guilty over it I would wish that voldemort would be useful for once and take them out. Sigh. He he…..”Dry up dursley, you great prune” I love Hagrid. I forgot how scrawny harry is in the first movie. Mainly because I seldom watch the second movie to compare him with. Can’t wait for the third movie….I just hope they don’t butcher the book like the did with the second one. “I’m just harry….just..harry.” Alright, back to the movie, but I thought I should make a note that I’m already feeling much happier. I LOVE the music in this movie……it’s actually why I liked the movie originally and liking the movie got me interested in the books. “Bless my soul, it’s Harry Potter!”


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