Delusions of Grandeur

Wierd writing muse

Posted on: September 19, 2003

I was going through that writing book again……I think it’s pretty interesting and I was in the mood to be introspective. I came across the chapter about using your family for inspiration. The part right before the prompts talks about how you might think your family is insanely dull and therefore not worthy of writing anything about them, wherein the author told you to dig deeper. The next statement however, hit my family’s nail on the head. “You might think your family is so strange, the relationships so convoluted and dysfunctional, the myriad battles so exhaustingly bitter and compicated, the interactions so fraught with shattered dreams, unfulfilled needs, grudges, rituals, secrets, lies, internecine feuds and chronic disappointments that you couldn’t possibly cover it in your lifetime.” I didn’t even make it to the prompts…..I just opened up a new word file and started writing. It was totally wierd. Before I knew it I had ten pages written……now I’m feeling slightly tired and emotionally exhausted, but it was definitely therapeutic. I highly recommend it as a way of purging yourself of anger or frustration. I didn’t even know it was just sitting there below the surface. I haven’t even thought of my family in a while, and yet somehow after seeing that description I really needed to get some emotion out. Anyhow, that’s my totally random writing story for the day…..maybe I’ll finish it and make some national best seller…….wow… family would actually end up being useful for something!! Likely I’ll forget about it and stumble across the word file while cleaning up the computer files one day and wonder where the heck it came from. *Shrug* such is life.


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