Delusions of Grandeur

It’s not a cookie…’s a newton.

Posted on: September 21, 2003

Last night I saw an advertisement for the new strawberry shortcake newtons and seth and I immediately decided we had to have them. After the Queer Eye episode was finished we duly set out for Winn Dixie, only to discover that it is no longer open 24 hours a day. So we put aside our desire for the non-cookies and waited for our planned grocery shopping expedition this afternoon. They’re good…..not worth a late night grocery store run, but good. Speaking of the grocery store, they’ve already got halloween candy out. It’s not even October yet……this shameless holiday nonsense drives me crazy…..every year they do this. It’s even worse with Christmas. Usually by the time Christmas actually rolls around I’m so sick of it that I could care less. Halloween however has the appeal of lots and lots of candy. It’s very dangerous to my already expanding waistline. On a different note I have new found respect for gardeners. My legs are KILLING me from all that squatting yesterday. I’m on my second application of Mineral Ice and will probably have to endure another application tomorrow morning. The alternate burning/cooling sensations aren’t that bad, if a little wierd. The bad part is that it’s the back of my legs and I have a bit of trouble reaching it easily due to the pain that exists in my arms and shoulders from all the clipping and pulling of weeds. The end result is that seth has to apply the medicine, which is sort of a super strength icy hot, and it hurts anytime pressure is applied to those muscles. Plus I get to go to work smelling delightfully of wintergreen….yum. On a positive note I’ve accomplished ALOT this weekend. I fixed the garden, my mint is ALREADY starting to spread……kinda scary when you think about it….maybe I used too much miraclegro, I cleaned and rearranged the patio, and finished a whole ton of laundry. I’ve figured out if I cut my laundry loads in third I only have to run the dryer once as opposed to seven times. Granted I have to run the washer three times, but three times is less than seven and we don’t pay for water so all around it’s a pretty good deal. That’s pretty much all for today, I’m gonna try to get some sleep so I’ll be awake for work tomorrow.


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