Delusions of Grandeur

multi colored post it notes

Posted on: September 23, 2003

Yeah…..that subject is completely random because I don’t think I really have a topic for this post so I just looked around at the top of my desk to figure out what I could use as a subject. It was either that or “wierd phallic looking stapler that stands on end.” On second thought that was probably a better subject line but I’m too lazy to change it now. I’ve got a phone conference in an hour so I can absorb the knowledge necessary to complete online faculty assessments. Not that I have anything to do with faculty assessments, however my boss does and she likes having a second set of ears. After that I have to race home and pick up the car so I can then drive up north for my doctor’s appointment. The rest of the day has been pretty calm so far. Seth took his test this morning and feels fairly comfortable with the results, least he says he does and he’s not acting all moody so I can only assume he’s telling me the truth. Now the paranoia begins all over again as he has a paper due tomorrow afternoon and another test on thursday. Thankfully he’s more confident about the thursday class so it shouldn’t be as big of a deal. He’s under a lot of stress right now and any little thing can set him off and the pressure of major tests does not set well. He was up until 1:30 in the morning reading his BioChem text…..although how on earth he managed to stay awake while reading that is beyond me. I go cross-eyed just looking at one of the pages for more than a few seconds. I can literally fell my body start shutting down from pure boredom. Give me one of the social sciences any day, I’ll gladly leave all the biological sciences to boring people in lab coats! The only science I ever liked was chemistry and I strongly suspect that I only liked it because of the possibility of catching things on fire…….god I loved those magnesium strips….although they’re probably responsible for some degree of vision loss!


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