Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: September 24, 2003

One week to go and the stupid federal court in oklahoma city had to decide that the Federal Trade Commission does not have the right to sponsor a national do not call list. Not that such a list can’t exist, just that it has to be admistered by the Federal Communications Commission or whatever……blah. I was so close to not getting woken up every single weekend……so close to not having to say hello five times before whatever stupid telemarketer proceeded to mispronounce one of our names….I mean REALLY, how on earth do you misprononounce Nicole?!?! It’s ridiculous. And I swear every time I hear Seth called Seeth (rhymes with teeth) it makes me want to reach through the phone and shake whoever it is that’s interrupting my life. Don’t even get me started with the way they butcher his last name. This isn’t a recent issue though…..this goes back to years of listening to them mispronounce my grandfather’s name every time they called….stupid telemarketers. I feel sorry for them sometimes but most of the time I just want them all to die long and painful deaths while they’re forced to listen to people convince them that they should buy a food dehydrator. Okay….I can’t be in a bad mood any more. I’m a believer just came on the radio and every time I hear this I picture the little Eddie Murphy Donkey from Shrek jumping around singing “I believe I believe I believe” and I can’t help but smile…..but I’m still seriously peeved about this nonsense and as soon as the song is over I’m sure I’ll go right back to annoyed.


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