Delusions of Grandeur

stupid flashing lights

Posted on: September 24, 2003

Alright so my office is located in the deaf and hard of hearing area…..completely at random, they just happened to be the people who had space near our clinic. The unfortunate side effect of this is that my fire alarm blinks in addition to making annoying noises. Since the Junior Addictions in patient area is in this building we get a LOT of false fire alarms…..I swear those kids pull the stupid alarm once or twice a week. Anyhow, the point of this is that long after the annoying noise shuts off, the light keeps flashing….usuallyfor another ten minutes. This manages to not only put me in a really really bad mood, but also to give me a severe headache. The end result is that I usually end up having to take off my sweater and finagle some way to force it to cover the annoying flashing light. It seldom works and usually I end up spending the entire ten minutes retrieving my sweater from the floor and trying to keep myself from shouting in frustration. I’m sure it’s a very amusing picture….I’ll have to bring a camcorder to work one of these days so I can tape it…..I’ll give it to all my friends as an additional bit of christmas cheer….”here’s nikki making a fool of herself, merry christmas!” Anyhow, my arm still hurts and it was aggravated by my attempts to cover the stupid flashing light (which also makes a high pitched whine that fluctuates in time with the flash….I’m not sure it is possible for ANYTHING to be more annoying) I’m going to find a way to cover that thing if it kills me. He he, anybody who walks into my office is going to wonder what the heck is wrong with me…..I’ve got four file folders stapled together covering my a/c vent (it’s FREEZING in my office even with the vent covered) and I’ll have some random piece of material taped over my fire alarm…..God help us if there is ever a real fire in this building. Nobody would believe it, we would all just sit in our offices until the smell of the fire reached our noses, and even then we would probably assume it was yet another moron who doesn’t know how to microwave popcorn, it would take the fire actually burning down our door before we would believe there was actually a fire and by then we would be trapped. And there you have the reason you don’t put fire alarms anywhere near teenage clinics.


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