Delusions of Grandeur


Posted on: September 25, 2003

Tonight is the season premier of the final season of the best show to have ever graced the small screen. I’m sad in a sort of happy way. I can’t wait to see what happens, although knowing the evil writers I will end up being insanely annoyed by the end of the show because they will have left me hanging once again. Anyhow, went in for my blood work this morning. The nurse had a really hard time finding my vein……she made me squeeze this wierd squishy thing for so long that my arm started to feel tingly by the time she found the vein. Guess my veins are tiny or something. Anyhow, they took three tubes of blood….one little one and two large ones, except one of the large ones had this wierd cream/brown colored gunk in the bottom of it that I’ve never seen before. I was just insanely grateful that I didn’t have to go through that sugar drinking test, I’ve heard that thing messes with you even if you DON’T have blood sugar problems. I’m also reassured by the fact that I didn’t have to go through that test as it means this is just precautionary and they don’t REALLY believe that I’m diabetic. Which is good because that’s what I spent the entirety of yesterday telling myself…..after all, if I was I would have sent myself into some sort of coma with the amount of sugar I eat *sends a guilty look towards the jar of miniature tootsie pops sitting on my desk*. I’m quite certain nothing is wrong and whatever that original blood sugar test told them was just a fluke. Anyhow, I had to wake up at 6:30 this morning so I could drop seth off at school so I would have the car to drive up north so I am insanely tired. I’m supposed to work upstairs in administration today but the person I work with wasn’t there when I went to her office this morning and I left her a message to call me but I haven’t heard from her, so I don’t know what’s going on. So, totally unrelated story, as I was driving back from the doctor’s this morning I head the def leppard song “pour some sugar on me” and I listened to it and I could TOTALLY see how they got the “pour some shook up ramen” for that T-mobile commercial. I love that commercial. It is tied with the 300 dachsund sprint commercial for my favorite cell phone commercial of all time. I know it’s ridiculous to have categories for your favorite commercials….and slightly ridiculous to have favorite commercials, but I am THE american consumer. I’m not kidding you. I can be minding my own business watching tv and a commercial for say, dog food, will come on. By the end of it I’m ready to switch my dog’s brand of food. If it weren’t for financial constraints and my boyfriend’s tempering influence I would buy everything so long as it had a good commercial. I TOTALLY want to try that philly cheese steak pizza even though logically I know it can’t possibly be good…..even if I have them cook it without the nasty peppers and onions. It’s a ridiculous concept, but it LOOKS good on tv. Papa John’s also shows really good pizza on their commercials. I hate Papa John’s pizza, it makes me sick……truly sick, for real…..and yet I’m tempted to give it another chance, entirely based on it’s appearance in the commercials. It’s scary, truly it is. Anyhow I suppose that’s enough meaningless rambling for now……I’ve got to go find something to eat….I’ve made myself hungry now.


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