Delusions of Grandeur

the blah has ended

Posted on: September 29, 2003

So after an entire weekend of blah, it’s over. I still have a lingering headache, but I’m not entirely sure I didn’t have that before I got sick so it’s possibly unrelated. It’s still rainy and gross outside but I don’t really care….in fact I prefer it rainy and gross because it means our air-conditioning at home is actually effective. It’s funny I spend the entire day freezing my butt off at work and then get home and have to strip down to shorts and a t-shirt because it’s so hot. We only have two vents that are supposed to somehow cool the entire house. Needless to say, it doesn’t work. Head over feet just came on the radio…’s still a very strange sensation when I hear that song… brings back a lot of high school memories that I still haven’t decided how I feel about. It’s completely wierd. There are a few songs that do that, associated with various stages in my life. There’s an old one hit wonder country song that was popular when I was in the sixth grade that when I hear it I can actually SMELL roasting marshmallows and hot dogs and other camp smells, it’s amazing how strongly the association with that song is to the time I went camping with my then best friend Jamie. Like I said, wierd. I wonder if other people do that? On a totally different subject I was telling seth’s mom this morning that I was disappointed because six flags is going to be closed the weekend that seth and i are going to be in ft. worth. I’ve been bragging forever how much better six flags is than the amusement parks down here. She told me I wouldn’t have succeeded in convincing him of that fact even if it had been open (they have some wierd anti-texas sentiment) and I told her that it wasn’t unfounded bragging. Most of the amusement parks around here only have two or three decent roller coasters. Six flags has five that I LOVE, one that I’m too chicken too ride thus far but that I’m sure is way cool, another one that everybody else seems to like but that I think is pointless, and two or three others besides. Plus they have other rides and shows for when you need a break from the rides. Disney seems to be mainly about the atmosphere, it’s really not very ride-centric. Busch Gardens is an elaborate zoo with a few rides thrown in, Universal Studios is fun but doesn’t have any truly serious rides and only a few that are fun and Universal Islands of Adventure only has three good roller coasters, and in reality I can only remember two of them but I’m assuming there must have been one more and even if there wasn’t the second one that I actually remember is two coasters in one. Sowhile Florida may be the amusement park capital of the world, they’re still mediocre amusement parks compared to Six Flags. End of story, there’s no room for argument. But anyhow I’m very annoyed that I have no opportunity to PROVE that. I’m going to have to drag seth back sometime in the summer just so we can go to six flags. I talked to Jessica the other day and she said that she had to get special permission to be able to take time off work that close to thanksgiving, but she’s working on it and thus far feedback seems positive. That’s pretty much all the news that’s worth reporting right now, and a whole bunch of news that probably WASN’T worth reporting, but I don’t think I made an entry yesterday so just deal with it. 😉 🙂 :p


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