Delusions of Grandeur

annoying discoveries

Posted on: October 1, 2003

So I discovered a critical difference between Powerpoint 2000 and Powerpoint 2002 today. I spent all morning working on a graphic for a powerpoint illustration in which there is this amoeba that grows little pseudopods and then it’s little “legs” get cut off one by one until the amoeba doesn’t have any “legs”….it’s some sort of illustration on aging and loss or something, anyhow, so after I spent all that time drawing the graphics in photoshop and figuring out how to bring them into powerpoint and the order in which to bring them in and the order in which to animate them (believe me, this is NOT a self-evident process) I emailed the whole presentation to myself and then tried to open it on the laptop. All the little pieces were there, but alas, no illustration. I instantly thought I must have done something wrong in the file saving process or something so I re-sent the whole thing and opened it again. Then I decided to just re-add the animation effects on the laptop. It was then that I discovered that the animation effects are totally different so to confim my suspicion I checked the version information and sure enough it was Powerpoint 2000 running on the laptop. So while 2000 has the ability to animate things and make the APPEAR it does NOT have the ability to make things DISappear. Hence all the animation work I had done on my computer didn’t translate itself to the laptop. This is definitely a problem since the presentation is going to actually be given from the laptop…..sigh……I have to try to find a Office 2002 disk tonight to load onto the laptop before I go crazy.


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