Delusions of Grandeur

a whole lotta nothin’

Posted on: October 3, 2003

I’m pretty tired this morning. Seth and I went to the ‘Canes game last night and planned on leaving at half-time. That was, of course, before the team decided they weren’t going to play at an appropriate level and almost lost the game. The game came down to the last 19 seconds which was just crazy. The entire stadium was on it’s feet, yelling and screaming and chanting……mass hysteria is always fun. 🙂 Anyhow, eventually we won and headed home. Once I got home I discovered that seth had set the vcr up incorrectly and instead of getting to relax and watch Friends I got to fast forward through the Jamie Kennedy Experiment in the vain hope that the tape just wasn’t at the beginning or something and that Friends would be on there somewhere. Needless to say it wasn’t. But Seth felt really bad about it since the stipulation I placed on going to the game with him was that he make SURE the vcr was working correctly since I missed the season finale when the same thing happened. Oh well, they’ll show it again and I’ve already found out from Angela what happened. I didn’t get to sleep until sometime around two again so I’m tired, again, and I’ve got to go downstairs and re-arrange furniture, again, today so it’ll be a tiring day. But it’s Friday which means I have an entire weekend of laziness ahead of me so it doesn’t matter that I’m tired. Well I had better get on with work, hopefully I’ll get everything finished before I have to go downstairs.


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