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Posted on: October 6, 2003

I started to answer one of angela’s questions on a previous comment and it got so long that I decided the answer could be a post all in itself…..that way i can be sure she sees it too ; ) She asked me what I ended up doing with the cover of my scrapbook as we had been discussing a few ideas on AIM. One of the ideas that I liked the best was to find some way to incorporate a few of our silly quotes from the trip, both those said by us personally and those we quoted from other sources (ie FRIENDS) non-stop.

Well, to begin with I should explain what the cover started out as. It was a plain blank canvas sort of material that stated that you could draw on it to suit whatever type of album you wanted to make it into. So with that in mind I colored the front cover a navy blue clor and have the quotes on there in silver pen, but they’re small so the words serve more as decorative shapes than anything else, although I have England, Ireland and Wales on there in a squiggly sort of drawing that you just have to see to understand. On the back I went with a light blue color and all the quotes are on there in the dark blue from the front, along with our names in the same squiggly sort of letters from the front. It actually turned out pretty nice, I was worried when I first started working on it. As for you seeing it, I’ll bring it whether it’s finished or not, but I really should have it finished by then. I’ve got several pages set up (ie the pictures are picked out for it) it’s just that the making of the pages themselves tends to be a rather long process. When I say “page” I mean a two page spread by the way, not just one page. Although the page at the beginning of the book is only a one page spread as is the page about the “joey” hat. I have to improvise something else that’s one page to go alongside the joey hat page because it looks wierd having the page next to it blank. Maybe I’ll do something with the two london bridges….the one everybody thinks is london bridge (tower bridge) and the one that actually is, along with that story about arizona buying it thinking it was tower bridge. I don’t know yet, but I’ve definitely made some sort of progess and everybody who has seen it has been very impressed. That said, I should also warn you that this is the very first time I’ve ever done this so there are definite mistakes. There are also a few mistakes in the written parts……for instance I spelled The Monkees, monkeys in the journal when labelling the picture with you and them in it. It was taken care of though because the explanation of the page clearly states that I don’t know that much about music in general and music from that era specifically. There are a couple of little things here and there that nobody else seems to have noticed, but that annoy the living daylights out of me. Also I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my shape-cutting thing and every so often it will randomly cause me to slice in a wierd direction so I will have to freehand adjust the shapes of the pictures and I can see the glaringly obvious nature of it, but again, so far nobody has seemed to notice it. Perhaps I’m just a bit too much of a perfectionist. In any case, you can begin to see why every page takes me so long. And that’s just the cutting part. I’ll sit there for a good half hour arranging and re-arranging the pictures and trying to picture where text is going to go so that I can get the page firmly cemented in my mind before I start gluing. They layout for the parks took me two hours or re-arranging the pictures alone and I’m still not happy with it. The good news is that there are still 30 days until I leave and if I do one layout a night I should be finished well ahead of November….I don’t think that I have enough pictures for thirty more layouts, but even if there are, I have time. I think the hardest part has been rejecting pictures. I would like to include every picture but it’s just not feasible. There are simply too many duplicate pictures for me to find places for them all. What I’ve decided to do is put the rejects in a simple, non-scrapbook album. I can always add them in later if I feel that I really need another layout or three. : ) I worked on the opening page last night, which I am semi happy with. The entire edge of the page has pictures around it with “Great Britain June 2003” written in the middle space and a piece of vellum paper with our schedule on it over the top of the writting so that it shows through the writing but isn’t too overwhelming. I also managed to figure out a way to sew a ribbon along the top of the vellum in a slightly random way in order to cover the glue on the vellum, which fortunately is blue and tended to blend into the background a bit. My favorite layout is still the stonehenge layout and it probably will remain so. A close runner up is the Hard Rock London layout mainly because of the lettering if you can believe it. I went through a bunch of my old graphic design stuff and came across this paper that’s made to look and feel like leather (people use it for unique business cards). I typed the lettering onto plain white paper and cut each letter out into a managable size square then put the square on the leather paper and using an exacto knife cut the letters through the white paper onto the leather paper, ending up with the letters in nifty looking leather paper. It took me an hour just to cut the letters, but it was one of the more interesting and rewarding of the pages. Well, that’s pretty much it for the world of nikki’s scrapbook, I can’t wait to show it to everybody and may one day get around to making a web version, but I’m feeling very lazy, so probably not. The best news is that I already had ALOT of the supplies… of the major perks of being an art student for two and a half years. As it is the stuff that I did have to buy was ridiculously expensive and I doubt I would have done it if I didn’t already have a lot of the stuff.


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