Delusions of Grandeur

yet another reply in post form

Posted on: October 6, 2003

Alright so I’m really glad I replied to Angela’s question the form of a post ’cause live journal is giving me problems and when I tried to reply to a different question it told me the website wasn’t responding and I lost that reply, which is annoying, but it would have been much worse if it was that lengthy reply from the last question. Anyhow I feel I should clarify one of my earlier posts. I have two friends with the same name, although they’re spelled differently. The Katie from Texas is the one who will be visiting with me in november, not the Katy from Oklahoma. Now that that’s clarified I’m off to mutter to myself about livejournal messing up. My original reply was much more lengthy and definitely more interesting, but whatever, I’m not in the mood to type all that again and I’m starving so I’m gonna go grab a snack before I have to pick Seth up from synogogue…..that word looks so wierd, I’m probably misspelling it……anyhow…….food….gonna go find food.


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