Delusions of Grandeur

Freak productivity

Posted on: October 7, 2003

So seth had to go over to his parents house tonight to use their computer since our printer is all messed up and their internet is generally faster than ours, anyhow I decided I didn’t want to lose out on valuable scrapbooking time so I packed up all my supplies and brought them over here and have been working at the dining room table for most of the night. Working at the table instead of at the floor has made a HUGE difference, I’m not having nearly as much trouble with my cutting thing, my back isn’t killing me and my legs aren’t about to fall off. As a benefit I’ve completed three more layouts and one single page. I’m totally psyched about this. I went through and sorted all my pictures earlier today and discovered that I have approx. 20 layouts left so I made a really large dent tonight and the night isn’t over. I’ve only got two more layouts to do until I’m finished with London entirely. I finished Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, and the Tower bridge layouts as well as the single page from the hotel that goes next to the joey hat page, which now looks much better since it has something related next to it. I’m so psyched about how this is turning out and I can’t WAIT to show it to everybody! Anyhow, just thought I would take a quick break, grab a soda and update this thing with my ever so exciting news. Now that I’ve done that I’ll get back to it and see if I can’t finish a couple more pages before seth is done with his homework tonight.


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