Delusions of Grandeur

the blahs are back

Posted on: October 9, 2003

Yesterday afternoon I developed a blinding headache that came along uninvited with it’s good friend Nausea….yep, it was pathetic and I spent most of the rest of the evening wrapped up in bed trying to shoo the uninvited headache on it’s way. It didn’t work and worse headache and nausea decided they were gonna spend the night and they decided to make it a full out party and invite sore throat along for the ride. So there you have it….yep, ridiculous nikki and her ridiculously incompetent immune system that really needs to hire a butler to keep all these uninvited guests out. Needless to say I got nothing accomplished on the scrapbook last night, although I have a long weekend since Monday is Columbus Day so I should still finish it this weekend. Well i’m gonna take my guests and go back to bed….maybe they’ll get bored since I’m sleeping so much and decide it’s time to go find their fun elsewhere 😦


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