Delusions of Grandeur

Creepy wierdness

Posted on: October 13, 2003

So I’m minding my own business on AOL tonight and I get a random email asking “Is this Nikki” so I reply with, “Yes, who’s this” and thus the wierdness begins. It was my ex-fiance’s wife and they are having serious issues so in some wierd sort of attempt to exorcise these issues she decided to talk to me about them. About five minutes into this the ex-fiance IM’s me, tells me not to tell her he’s talking to me and proceeds to deny all accusations of cheating placed forward by the wife. This makes me feel better as I hope that he is not the type of person to do this AGAIN. Turns out it was some seriously awful emails in which he told an ex-girlfriend that he loved her, wanted to be with her and no longer loved his wife. An all around shitty situation. In the middle of all this she, of course, starts going into OUR history which is convoluted and extremely messy. After a few minutes of that I recieve another email from the ex-fiance who is now EXTREMELY pissed off at me for my comments, which were all entirely true. As a random act of CYA I saved the entire conversation on a word file. It should make interesting reading five or so years from now. To sum it all up, I am NOT getting married…….issues seem to stem from marriage and I have enough issues without adding more into it. This is seriously crazy and I officially feel very sorry for all married people. I feel especially sorry for the ex-fiance’s wife because the ex-fiance has dicked her over several times and having been inthat situation I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about what she’s going through now. I could care less that the ex-fiance is angry with me as I think she has every right to be furious with him and I told her nothing but the truth, which at this point in time I think she’s entitled to. In addition, I didn’t contact either one of them. If he talks to me, then he contacts me. The same with tonight and her contacting me. They have a crazy situation and personally I don’t know how on earth they’re going to work it out. This is my insanely annoyed and perturbed evaluation of the situation. However, he was my friend at some point in time and my first loyalty is to him so should he ask I will give him a copy of the conversation, ’cause it’s only fair. How’s that for a messed up situation. Well Angela……I know you’re just waiting to put in your two cents on this one……or ask for the transcript so let me know what you think about this nonsense.


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