Delusions of Grandeur

most unproductive weekend ever

Posted on: October 14, 2003

As the subject heading would lead you to believe, my planned weekend of productivity went out the window in favor of sleep, and lots of it. Unfortunately I slept so much during the days and evenings that I managed to invert my sleep schedule so last night when I tried to go to bed slightly after midnight my body was like “what the heck are you thinking??!” and refused to go to sleep. Now I’m insanely tired and I’m going to have to force myself not to take a nap when I get home this afternoon since I have to go to bed early tonight. I have an 8:15 appointment at the dentist for a root canal tomorrow morning and the office is way up north in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale, which is quite a drive from the Grove so I’m going to have to get up at a god awful hour in order to be there on time. If I had made the appointment for later I would have been facing some nasty traffic though, so it’s a good thing it is for 8:15, otherwise I would have to get up just as early and take twice as long to drive up there. I only finished two scrapbook pages this entire weekend, and those were on friday night and I’m really unhappy with them. Seth says they look fine and I need to quit being such a perfectionist, to which I stuck my tongue out and made a rude noise. Anyhow, I have a huge pile of work in front of me so I had better get to it and quit dawdling on here.


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