Delusions of Grandeur

Ridiculous office policy maker types

Posted on: October 14, 2003

Okay, so a bit of explanation……I work in a mental health hospital and my particular clinic works with HIV positive people and their families. We have a separate billing system from the rest of the University which has within it specified “allowed” printers. I’ve been trying to get my printer added to that “allowed” list for the past two months so that I wouldn’t have to walk all the way across the huge sprawl that is this hospital/medical campus in order to pick up the monthly reports I have to print. You would not BELIEVE the mess that has ensued. After speaking with the program’s tech guy and recieving specific directions on the wording of the IDR and who it should be sent to, I sent those instructions on to our department tech guy who is in charge of putting together all the IDR’s that are supposed to go through network services (IDR = interdepartmental request). I waited for a month and a half, occassionaly asking the tech guy the status of my IDR, however I’m used to the atmosphere of general incompetence so I’m not overly worried about how long it’s taking….annoyed, but not worried. Last week I get an email telling me that my printer will be arriving in a week. Now does anybody see what’s wrong with this scenario?! That’s right, I NEVER ASKED FOR A PRINTER!!!! I don’t NEED a printer, I HAVE a printer…..all I needed was for the printer already in my possession to be authorized and connected to that network. Something that takes approx. five minutes. So when I sent an email asking why I was recieving a printer when I don’t need one, they asked me why I asked for a printer if i didn’t need it. I figured I could have drawn the rather humourous situation out over several days, but instead decided to give in early and just send them my original IDR request and show them that nowhere in there did it state that I wanted a new printer, nor did it even so much as imply that I needed a new printer, that in fact it indicated that I already had a new printer. Three days later (it takes ’em five minutes to send me an email accusing me of incompetence in IDR requestion, but three days to admit their mistake) I recieve an email telling me that they are sending through the proper IDR. As yet, there is no indication of when my printer will be connected to the network, but at least I won’t have to try and find room for a new and unneccesary printer! I meant to share this story last week, but got side-tracked so I decided to add it on now. So there’s my amusing “things that are wrong with corporate america” story of the day.


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