Delusions of Grandeur

All kinds of excited about all kinds of random stuff

Posted on: October 17, 2003

Okay, so I’m still riding high on my DSL excitement from last night. I’ve been looking up the details of all the nifty free things we’re getting and one of the nifty free things is a spyware blocker which is awesome. I know of computer is currently infested with spyware mainly because of all the ad windows from “Gain” which is a software that pulls up adds based on whatever you’re viewing on the web, mainly things surrounding the travel industry though. We also used to have Kazaa which is notorious for spyware and Kae has downloaded all kinds of random crap from our computer so who knows what else is infesting it. What I do know is that it is running at a totally sub-par performance rate, which could be a result of anything, but since we have very good virus protection it’s also likely due to some form of spyware, maybe a trojan horse. I can’t wait to get this software package and see what other nifty free stuff we’re getting along with our DSL service. The people I spoke with at Earthlink were very nice and it was a very “no-hassle” process which has definitely NOT been my experience when dealing with other companies.

In other, non-internet news, I got a bonsai tree today and have already learned a great deal of nothing about them. I thought that “bonsai” was a specific kind of tree…..turns out it’s the art form of planting trees in pots and shaping them and their surroundings, there are several different kinds of trees that are used for bonsai. I believe that mine is a cute little ficus….I don’t know though. I do know it’s not a juniper or a palm. It’s cute and has a nifty jade green pot and some strategically placed rocks. I’m very happy with it and hope it lives a long and healthy life in my office….although with my poor parenting skills it’s likely that it will die shortly and I’ll be out fifteen bucks 😦 Oh well, I’ll just have to hope for the best…maybe it will get so tired of not getting water that it will come to life and eat my paperwork, thus enabling it to survive and me to not have to do paperwork! 🙂

Tomorrow we’re going to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens which I am a combination of excited and trepidatious about…..I don’t like being scared….I’m definitely not one of those people who gets the happy adrenaline rush from being terrified, and in fact spent much of last year with my eyes closed clutching the shirt of the person in front of me and relying on those around me to keep me from walking into any walls or monsters. I imagine this year will be much of the same, but nonetheless it was very fun and I’m still excited to be going. In addition there’s the nifty huge outlet mall that we pass on the way there so maybe I’ll be able to buy some of the cute winter clothes I mentioned the other day but I’ll be able to justify them by pointing out the cheap prices!! Probably not, but there’s always hope.

The next thing I’m excited about is my upcoming trip to Texas where I’m going to get to see pretty much all of my friends, including some I haven’t seen in forever. In addition my uncle is getting married to somebody I really like and who my grandmother seems to get along with too, which is a huge improvement over the last aunt. The way he proposed to her was so cute. He actually tied the ring to one of the ribbons on the angel from the top of the christmas tree and there it sat for the entire time the tree was up. On Christmas Eve when she opened her present it was actually a box of rocks (in case she shook it to try and figure out what it was) and a really sweet poem telling her how much he loved her and how much she means to him and giving her a hint as to where she could find her real present. It was the sweetest story, it was actually kind of hard to imagine my extremely practical uncle coming up with it!!

The most immediate thing I’m excited about is the new cell phone that I’ll be getting later this afternoon. It’s a samsung and is about four inches tall…’s a flip phone, has a color screen and internet access and it’s so cute and little!! I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to get it since I don’t know if my contract is close enough to finished for me to be able to upgrade my phone and without using an upgrade I can’t afford the phone (It would be like 400 dollars!). I really want it though so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get it. I’m so glad that cingular is finally starting to get some cool phones…..they’ve been so far behind everybody else it’s ridiculous! They still don’t have any good camera phones, but I think I’ve decided I don’t want a camera phone after all. I don’t even know when I would use it, I just liked the idea of it……it must be all those T-mobile commercials I’ve seen.

In less exciting news, the Yanks won last night which means it’s going to be the Yanks and the Marlins in the world series, which I’m not happy about since I don’t think we can beat NY. However, if we do beat them I think it’ll be a much more important win than beating Boston would have been and it’ll help get rid of a bit of that nonsense that we only won the penant because of that stupid chicago fan. The shortstop for the cubs could have totally ended that inning on the next play, so it’s just as much, if not more, his fault as it is that fans…..bah humbug. Well, I suppose that’s enough Nikki ramblings for now. I sent out notifications to everybody of my email addy changing so you should have recieved one by now….if not, let me know and I’ll send you the new email address.


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