Delusions of Grandeur

If ever you’re feeling sad…..

Posted on: October 27, 2003

For those of you out there who have read and loved the Harry Potter series there are three stories that can cheer you up, no matter how sad you’re feeling…..simply because you can’t help but laugh at them. Seriously……I was actually laughing so hard while reading Draco Malfoy the amazing bouncing…..rat ( that I started coughing, almost choked, and had Seth in the room pounding my back asking what on earth I had done to myself…..pathetic, but true. Naked Quidditch Match ( was the first I read of the three……it’s a hilarious story of what happens when the weasley twins, a game of truth or dare gone wrong, slytherins, and a magical form of e-mail getmixed together….too funny to miss. The third story to cheer you up is Dumbledore’s inbox (, an indepth look at the email our beloved headmaster recieves on an average day…….you wouldn’t believe how bad mcgonagall is about sending chain letters……reminds me of angela really 🙂 Anyhow, there’s my daily dose of happiness…..if you haven’t read them already or if you’re feeling down, check them out and make sure you have somebody around to pound you on the back and look at you like you’re crazy when the laughter starts.

*Side note* I do NOT recommend reading these at work…’s rather difficult to explain hysterical laughter and tears freely flowing down your face to whatever higher ranking person happens to walk into your office at an inopportune moment. 🙂


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