Delusions of Grandeur

Therapy appointment

Posted on: October 30, 2003

So today, along with my dental appointment, I had my second therapy appointment, where we got to go through the long and messy history of my family….I couldn’t even have a regular tree, mine had all these things hanging off it like a banyan tree, or like those trees in lousiana with all the spanish moss…..although for the first time ever describing my mother’s boyfriend as “monkey-boy” actually had a funny second meaning since we were drawing a tree, he he.

I also had to go through this exercise where we listed a bunch of positive and negative traits, but you had to list the positive first and were only allowed to list as many negative as you came up with for positive. It was remarkably hard. Plus she questioned each of my negatives, asking why I felt that it was negative and why I saw that trait in myself. My numero uno negative was the fact that I’m extremely selfish and when she made me explain it I had all kinds of reasons I felt that way…..then after all that we had a little wrap-up discussion and she told me that part of my biggest problem was that I take responsibility for too many things that have nothing to do with being my fault. She told me something along those lines the last time too, but I guess she decided to re-iterate now that she had more to go on or something. So in response to her telling me that I told her to add “self-involved or egocentric” to that list of negatives and she just laughed and told me she was going to add “good sense of humor” to the positives, which I thought was pretty funny. Anyhow, so on the psychiatric note, here’s todays gleeb:

“It is odd that people say,
‘It’s all in your head.’
Certainly, it’s in your head.
Everything in life is in your head.
It’s not in your big toe.
If you stick a pin in your big toe,
The pain is registered in your head.
The next time someone says,
‘It’s all in your head,”
You say,
“Where do you think it is–in my big toe?”

don’t know why I love these things so much, but they really appeal to my sense of humor. 🙂

edited: oh yeah….the stomach pains are gone now…still no clue what caused them!


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