Delusions of Grandeur

Random quote from my cell phone

Posted on: November 1, 2003

I get a quote of the day, word of the day, and my horoscope sent to my phone every day….I don’t really remember why or how that happened, but that’s how things stand….although some days I get a trivia instead of a word, it’s weird. Anyhow, last night’s quote was pretty funny. It was said by Lily Tomlin and I figured I would record it here before I delete it from my phone.

“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

Not much to report today….we’re going to Best Buy here in a little while to pick up a few things, including the new Sims expansion pack “Making Magic” I feel kind of guilty since I really didn’t play Superstar that much, although that was largely due to the fact that the game would crash after approx. two hours of game play and it was very annoying. I kept waiting for Maxis to put out a patch to fix that, but as of last month (the last time I checked) that hadn’t happened. I’m hoping a patch for that problem will be included in this new expansion pack. There are supposed to be tons of new objects too, and lots to do in the new magic town area. Anyhow, I’m gonna check it out, I’ll let you guys know what I think! I’m also going to see if I can pick up something to wear to the wedding since the weather is going to be right between what my wardrobe can support. If it was evening wedding I would have it covered, but an afternoon wedding in the mid-70’s….too cold for my summer stuff and too warm for my winter stuff….sigh. Oh well, I guess it’s an excuse to go shopping.

In other news I talked to Angela last night and she said that her music appreciation class enables her to get really cheap ($5.00) tickets to an opera at Bass Hall on Wednesday night so I talked to Jessica and she said that sounds great, so looks like that’ll be in our itinerary for the trip to Texas. I also talked to Angela about that new movie, Love Actually, and she said it would be alright with her so now I need to remember to ask Jessica and Katie about it. Alright, I just checked the moviewatcher website so I could include a link to the movie, just for everybody’s general information, and discovered that it doesn’t come out until the 14th, though I could have sworn the commercial said the 7th……so that’s out. Oh well, we’ll think of something else to do….I think it’ll be nice just to get the chance to hang out with everybody.

anyhow, seth is getting impatient to leave so I suppose that’ll do for now. Hope everybody’s having a great day!


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