Delusions of Grandeur

All is well

Posted on: November 7, 2003

Everything is going great so far. My Aunt Tonianne made it in yesterday afternoon and last night we all went out to dinner for Mexican at Abuelo’s…which in my opinion has the best mexican food in the area. Everybody had a great time. My cousin Hunter is indeed freakishly tall but he is so amazingly adorable…..he’s actually pretty. I know you’re not supposed to use that word for a boy, but it’s the only thing you can use. We went over to Jason and Krystal’s last night. She’s six months along and still not showing at all…..makes you want to hate her for it!! Saw good baby, aka Denise, for a brief moment before she had to go to bed. We’re all going out to Chipotle for dinner tonight after I pick up Seth at the airport so that should be fun.

In answer to Katie’s question, I don’t know who all might read this, but I know for sure that Christina from Colorado and Jenny from Florida read it somewhat regularly and Katy and Daniel from Oklahoma check up on it every so often, although neither one of them have an account so you’ll never see them post. I was just teasing Angela about reading over my shoulder because it’s fun to do…she gets all defensive and it’s very amusing. I wish Katie had been able to make it up, it sucks that she couldn’t and the circumstances surrounding why REALLY suck. I’m still hoping that the car gets found or at least the tools recovered somehow.

The weather is awful here, it’s all rainy and cold. Cold I can handle, and in fact am quite happy about because that’s how it’s supposed to feel in November. I wasn’t quite prepared for it my first night here so I felt like I was going to DIE it was so cold, but now that I’ve had a small chance to get used to it I’m enjoying the chance to wear cold weather clothes before I have to go back to the boring Florida weather. There’s still a 30-50% (depending on which channel’s weather forcast you watch) chance of rain tomorrow, which is BAD since the wedding is outside. I told Nona that the beginning of November was too unpredictable to have an outdoor wedding, but hopefully the lack of predictability will work in our favor and it’ll be sunny and pretty tomorrow.

Seth arrives around six tonight and everybody is excited for his arrival. Angela hasn’t seen him in a long time and Jessica has never met him. My family that hasn’t met him is looking forward to meeting him and those that have are excited to get to know him better.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Texas. I feel so happy and at home here. It’s like this cloud of depression just disappears. It’s so nice to be surrounded by the people I love and who understand me and my thought patterns and attitudes. It’s nice to not have to verbalize all my thoughts, to just have them understood on some instinctual level.

paragraph inserted here 🙂

It’s a feeling that I’m beginning to doubt that I will find anywhere else. It’s amazing how quickly I can slip back into the old routines, remember the old, shorter routes to places, argue with Angela over stupid things like “what’s the best way to go” or whether or not she really did run a red light. 🙂

paragraph 🙂

Jessica and Angela are getting along so well…..I hope Seth does as well. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes him to drop the East coast formality his parents are so keen on and to start calling people by “relative” names……the idea of him calling my grandmother Mrs. Zanella is laughable, all my friends call her Nona like I do and all my aunt’s and uncle’s by and and uncle “insert first name here”.

paragraph 🙂 (yes, there is a reason I’m marking these!!)

Seth isn’t used to that at all, so it’ll be interesting to see how he adapts. His parents still have me calling them Mr. and Mrs. E after us being together for four years and them knowing me for three. It’s a completely opposite culture, but it’s so much more friendly. I just realized that that is a really REALLY long paragraph and Katie is going to slaughter me if I make her read it so I’m gonna go back and add paragraph breaks. I’ll indicate where so you all can see exactly how long the paragraph was!

Hugs and love, and hopefully sunshine!


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