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Posted on: November 10, 2003

Well, the weekend is over, and I think it was definitely a success. Seth got along with my family fabulously….I think his favorite was Aunt Tonianne, but he really likes my Uncle Dom too. Not sure what his feelings on my grandmother were, but he seems to have liked her, just hasn’t really said anything one way or another, but I haven’t asked. He also got along with all my friends very well, although I don’t think he liked Jay too much……although I also don’t think that had much to do with Jay but rather more to do with some of the symbology he decks himself out with. He wears a cross all over everything that has something to do with motorcycle driving wierdo peoples that reminds Seth all too clearly of the swastika and made him rather uncomfortable. But we only hung out with him for one night and nothing bad came up so it wasn’t a major deal.

We went to Hyena’s last night and the main comedian was HILARIOUS. He entirely fed off the crowd, with only a couple of prepared jokes. The second guy was pretty funny too, and the first guy was rather lukewarm, but the first guy is always somebody who’s just starting out I think, so that would make sense. I am now inspired to actually go to the Improv, which is up the road from us, with more frequency now that it has re-opened after all the remodeling they did.

Erica made it up and went with us to Hyena’s, which was a lot of fun. It was good to see her, haven’t talked to her but once since I was home last christmas, although if she would ever sign on to her livejournal that would be prevented from happening again. I’m sad that Katie wasn’t able to make it up, I kept hoping that I would get a random call that would say she had somehow found a way to make it up for a visit, but I definitely understand why she couldn’t make it.

We got in our Chipotle fix, and introduced everybody else to the beauty that is the giant burrito. My grandmother also made chili this afternoon, which is one of the five things that she makes REALLY REALLY well. I love her chili, it’s seriously the best I’ve ever had. Cooking is definitely not her strong suit, but when it comes to her five things she’s really good. The other four are pot roast, banana nut bread, pecan pie and I can’t think of the other one right now. I always forget one of them, usually banana nut bread, but I suppose memory is one of the first things to go.

I spent quite a bit of time searching for keys, my cell phone, whatever scarf I felt like wearing, and/or my shoes this weekend. I think that perhaps Jessica and Angela have gotten a bit out of practice at noticing where I set things down. Both of them are usually really good at paying attention to those things just to save us all the aggravation of searching for them for half an hour before we can leave. Especially my keys. In high school I was awful about just setting them down some random place in Angela’s house and not remembering where that random place was. Usually some place really dumb though. One time I put them in the freezer at my grandmother’s house since I was carrying in ice cream and put it in the freezer and had just set my keys down while I took the ice cream out of the bag. It’s dumb, but probably genetic since my grandmother does the same thing. I have yet to end up walking around the house searching for keys that are in my hand though, so there’s still hope!

Well, I now have an overstuffed email inbox or three and a ton of unpacking to do so I suppose I had better get to it instead of rambling in here. I’ve also still got to check responses to previous posts and my friends page……which I may leave for tomorrow when I get to work. Now that the mad rush to prepare things for the DC conference is over (I ended up finishing work at 2:30 in the morning….approx. 4 hours before I had to leave for the airport myself!!!) things should be a bit more settled at work. I still have some stuff to catch up on, but nothing that is imperative to get in immediately. My boss is still away though for this week so I’m going to take the time to take advantage of the breathing room and get as caught up as possible on all the billing so that I won’t have anything to worry about when she gets back. Plus thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’ll be going to Boston so I’ve got to have everything in order before I leave for that trip.

Oh….quick side note, the Canes lost again this weekend 😦 and so did the Dolphins, which I would be sad about except that they lost to Tennessee, which I like better……quite a conflict of interest there though! The Dolphins are just gonna have to win all their other games…….and I’ll be happy about them, but I’m glad that the Titans won today. I also got my Pudge jersey, which is just way beyond cool. The fabric is awesome and the stitching on it is amazing, very high quality, I’m quite impressed.


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