Delusions of Grandeur

Ti—–iii—–ime is on my side………

Posted on: November 10, 2003

Isn’t it strange how time moves. One day you’re struggling to remember to write the correct year on all your checks and next thing you know you’re staring the end of year holidays right in the face and then it all starts over again. I was playing with my 17 month old cousin a lot while I was home and you know….those seventeen months probably seem like quite a long time to him….I know a lot has happened to him in that time, he’s grown all his teeth, learned a few words, learned how to eat, how to wipe his face, how to walk and run, and how to get his parents attention. He’s also learned who on earth all these people he sees in his daily life are……he recognizes people and has definite feelings of like and dislike for them, and yet when I first met him I doubt he could have distinguished his own mother from the crowd, much less anybody else. Maybe that’s where the difference in time becomes the most apparent. Those 17 months for him have been very eventful and life altering and my 17 months have been a collection of mundane moments……with only a few potentially life altering things thrown in one way or the other. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life…..

Alright…..all the different forms of tired are making me feel like rambling…..and I’m too tired to make the rambling form some sort of coherent thought pattern so perhaps it’s best that I just leave it at that. I’ll probably look back on this entry in a few days and be like “dude….did I even have a point?!”


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