Delusions of Grandeur

why must June be so far away?!?!?!

Posted on: November 13, 2003

I just saw the first teaser for Prisoner of Azkaban (accessible through and OH MY GOD!!!! I can’t wait to see it with sound when I get home (my work computer doesn’t have speakers). Snape in a dress was just too much……and that dementor….was that not the CREEPIEST thing……I felt like I was gonna pass out….and that’s without the bad memories….no wonder poor harry was scared!!! I have no CLUE what the people who appeared to be singing and holding frogs could be all about……maybe when they sing the school song at the beginning of the book? Hopefully it’ll end up being one of those wierd scenes that they show in previews but never actually end up in the movie. I can’t believe I have to wait until June to see this…..I am so impatient!!! I don’t even want to wait until I get home to see the preview again with sound.


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