Delusions of Grandeur

An eventful evening

Posted on: November 15, 2003

So tonight, in typical friday night fashion Seth and I had dinner with his parents and went shopping for a bit, I picked up the fifth season of Friends and also go Finding Nemo. We debated going to a movie but decided to go tomorrow. Once we got home Seth decided to go up to see his friends in Sunny Isles and I settled down to play with the new scrapbooking program I had bought. Before opening the box I opened the metal gate that blocks the glass sliding doors that lead to our back porch and let Nathan out to go to the bathroom. After reading through a bit of the instruction booklet I decided I had to go to the bathroom myself so I called Nathan in and closed the metal gate and locked it. I went to the bathroom and came back out, settled into the chair next to my computer and was just getting ready to log on to the internet when I heard a sound in my back yard. I thought it was Stan, our occasional cat so I moved the curtain aside on the glass doors to look out and see if it was him so I could give him some food. When I looked out I didn’t see Stan or any other cat for that matter. There was some random guy standing on my back porch. My initial reaction was anger and I reached to open the door and ask him what the hell he was doing in my backyard but reason quickly set in and I closed the curtain, moved away from the door, grabbed my phone and called the cops while I called Seth on my cell phone.

I didn’t call 911 because I knew he would be long gone by the time the cops got there anyhow and since he hadn’t actually done anything I just called the regular non-emergency number. Then I called Seth’s parents to see if I could stay over at their place while I waited for Seth to get home, that way I wasn’t home alone. Anyhow, by the time the cops got there of course there was nothing to find. I’m not nearly as creeped out by the fact that there was a random person on my back porch as I am by the fact that if it had happened a mere ten minutes earlier or if I had not locked the gate when I let Nathan in (which is frequently the case, don’t know what made me lock it tonight) then they would have had open access to my house. And since the computer is right next to the door they would have had the door open before I even had a chance to react. This is the thought that has been freaking me out since all this happened.

Anyhow, so that’s my scary story for the year…… hopefully it’ll be the only one I have to tell for a long time. Boy do I wish I owned a Doberman named Spike right about now……I would have dearly loved to have opened the door and yelled “Sick him Spike” as the stupid creep ran away.

If I had tried to make Nathan get him all my ridiculous miniature dachshund would have done would be to bark at him and drool all over him, assuming he even bothered to chase him in the first place. He barks at the freakin’ wind but doesn’t make a peep when some creep is standing right behind me on my back porch… all cute things he’s completely useless when it comes down to it. Well I’m off to dream dreams of creepy guys with hairy legs and my new improved dog……what do you think, should I name him Spike or Butch….how about just Killer?! That’s got a good ring to it…..”Sick him Killer!!! Eat that nasty creep!”


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