Delusions of Grandeur

Loony Toons Movie

Posted on: November 16, 2003

Seth and I went and saw the Loony Toons movie tonight…..It was funny 🙂 and very cute. Brendan was equally cute……although still not as cute as he was in George of the Jungle or the first Mummy…..drools remembering the poster that used to hang in my room of Brendan all decked out in Mummy-licious clothing. Anyhow……well, actually, give me another minute to drool over that image.

Alright, but speaking of drool, after the preview for Cat in the Hat which comes out next week and I totally want to see all of a sudden I see the mysterious and creepy looking gray clouds swirling around the WB logo and am all kinds of excited because since I’ve watched the ridiculous thing several hundred times now on my computer I instantly recognized the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban teaser. Have I mentioned that the Dementor is totally creepy?!?! Even more so on the big screen than it was on my pathetic little computer. However the singing frog people were also that much more annoying……I am truly praying that they aren’t in the movie. And Dan……well, I’m gonna just have to burn in hell for this, but he got too cute for words. It’s sick I tell ya! But of course, there he is lying in the middle of the street looking all rumpled and adorable, and it should absolutely be illegal. Sigh….that’s just disturbing. God I can’t wait until June. I’m probably building myself up for a huge disappointment to hope that they did a good job with this one, especially considering that it’s my favorite of the books and I have extremely high expectations for what the quality should be……..well…….I suppose if they live up to even half of it they’ll have done a pretty good job, but I really hope it’s not as bad as Chamber of Secrets was. I thought they did such an awful job on that one!

In other news, Kae got the new Harvest Moon for Gameboy Advance and it turns out it’s almost exactly like the Playstation 1 version, which I already have, so I’m not gonna bother getting it. They moved the ETA for the gamecube harvest moon up to January, so I’ve got a while to wait for that one. Not that it matters because I can just about guarantee that once the new Mario Kart comes out I’m not going to have access to the GameCube for just about forever. Well, Seth needs the computer to look up extremely boring information about some sort of organ transfer of his choice for a paper that’s due on Monday so I had better wrap it up. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for June……’cause I really can’t!!!


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