Delusions of Grandeur

All is well…..which translates into boring

Posted on: November 18, 2003

All is boring here, which would be a good thing since it means nothing bad has happened. This morning is definitely one of those slow, rather be sleeping types of mornings. I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, which usually isn’t the case after I eat breakfast. I got to work a little early today though, so I probably ate my breakfast early (kellogg’s nutrigrain muffin bar and small 1 ounce serving of applesauce) so maybe my body is just not ready to wake up so it ignored breakfast. Anyhow, talking about being sleepy isn’t making me any less sleepy so I suppose I’ll shut up about it.

My boss arrives back from her long trip today so things shouldn’t remain boring for long. Our timesheets were due today, a day early, but the HR person didn’t email us about that until 8 o’clock this morning instead of emailing us yesterday like she normally does so my time sheet is as yet unsigned and it was due five minutes ago. I called to tell her it was going to be late since I can’t get ahold of my boss….I think she’s doing an psych eval this morning which takes a couple of hours. HR lady gave me a long-suffering sigh and told me “fine just turn it in as soon as possible”. As if it’s my fault that she doesn’t tell us about early due dates. Hmph. If I wasn’t so sleepy I would be annoyed.

Yesterday was extremely productive, I caught up on massive amounts of work and finished settling in to my new office. I’m currently contemplating what I’m going to hang on the walls. It’s a nice office with lots of windows, which is cool because I’m on the second story so nobody can randomly walk by and look in. Speaking of which…..

Last night I talked to Christina and she mentioned that there was a skunk walking around her back yard, a big one. Which of course gave me my new protective pet idea…….I’m gonna buy a skunk and name it Killer. Nobody in their right mind would come into a house with a skunk named Killer. And then if anybody comes peeping at my door I’ll give Killer the command to attack (which will just mean the skunk runs towards the person……pet skunks don’t have their scent thingy anymore) and while the stupid creep is focusing on the skunk I’ll squirt water at him or something so he’ll THINK he’s been sprayed…..or better yet, maybe I can find some sort of scent spraying thing that I can spray at him…..pretty easy for the cops to identify some guy who smells like a skunk. 🙂 That’s my new devious plan, a skunk named Killer. What do you guys think? Too cool for words right? he he.


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