Delusions of Grandeur

New Brilliant Idea

Posted on: November 19, 2003

Alright so I am forever thinking of great gifts for the holidays….unfortunately I usually think of these great gifts sometime in April and have completely forgotten what on earth the great idea was by the time May rolls around, I certainly never remember them clear up to December. Well, it’s to late for all those ideas I came up with back in April, but to minimize gift idea leakage from my mind I’ve decided to start using the nifty “to-do” list that livejournal has. I hadn’t even paid attention to it before that, but it really is a convenient thing since I’m on here all the time. So far I’ve got two angela ideas and two seth ideas entered. It also has the nifty feature of being able to mark them as private or public so HA no peeking! 🙂

On a completely unrelated note, I got this new granola that is really yummy….it has cherries in it, and in fact the entire mix has a slight cherry taste to it….I love cherries. It has the nastiest aftertaste however and I don’t have any change here to go take advantage of the soda machine. I figured if I didn’t have change I wouldn’t have a way to keep buying all those seriously bad for me candy bars that I used to live on. Alas my plan has backfired since I didn’t count on the lack of soda availability. I would get a drink from the water fountain, but random water fountain germ paranoia aside, Miami has really nasty water…..we double filter ours at home just so we can stand to drink it… WAY am I gonna drink from that, I’ll just stick with the nasty aftertaste…..and that should give you a hint exactly how bad the water is. Or maybe I’m just a snob……hmmm….now there’s a thought.


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