Delusions of Grandeur

oh the challenge!!!

Posted on: November 20, 2003

Okay so to complete the hiring process for this promotion I’m getting I had to go over to Human Resources to take a couple of tests. Since it’s a Sr. staff position I figured that I would actually have to think about these tests. Enh……wrong answer. The typing speed I had to attain was 30 wpm. I could type 30 wpm back when I was still typing with two fingers!!!! I mean REALLY! I also had to take a test to illustrate basic knowledge in Word and Excel. I missed a couple in Excel because it didn’t like my shorter method of doing things…….whatever, I passed with way higher than a basic knowledge level so no worries. So that was my amusing waste of time for the last half hour.

In different news, Miami is currently hosting a conference of some sort for the FTAA people. We’re also currently hosting a huge protesting crowd. On my drive to work this morning there were no less that SEVEN helicopters hovering over downtown. I’m sure several of them were news copters, but still we only have a couple of stations down here so it’s likely that at least three were police copters. I didn’t even know we HAD that many police copters. They keep showing coverage on the news of this long line of people who have marched from Ft. Lauderdale and arrived in Downtown this morning sometime. It looks alot like the parade from when the Marlins won the world series. Only that parade didn’t have a police guard completely surrounding it. Who knows what’ll happen, but in the meantime normal activity in downtown Miami has completely disappeared. Everybody cleared out Monday or Tuesday, most of the businesses are closed for the week. I don’t even think those businesses close when a hurricane threatens…….but stick a huge crowd of people down there and it’s a ghost town.

Speaking of ghost towns, now that the ‘canes have lost all chances for a national championship the stadium was almost empty last weekend. This weekend they’re selling the tickets two for one in a sad attempt to bring people in to a game that few people care about…..unless we lose it that is. However I think we’re gonna try and take advantage of the offer and go to the game. Seth already has two season tickets so we’re covered one way or the other, but we would like to get everybody together and maybe tailgate before the last home game of season. Anyhow, I suppose that’s all for now, I’m gonna go grab some lunch so that I can recover from the ever so strenous typing test. 🙂


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