Delusions of Grandeur

psychotic hangups

Posted on: November 22, 2003

Alright so last night I finally gave in to all those neurotic impulses I’ve been having for months that were compounded by last friday’s incident. I completely re-arranged the living room…..even going against my better design instinct because I had yet to find a way that I liked on paper. However it’s turned out pretty well, and now nothing has it’s back to that stupid glass door. Well, that’s not true, the couch does but it has a huge chair and several feet of space separating me from it… I never sit up on the couch, I always lay down so I wouldn’t be visible anyhow.

I think we’re gonna go buy the new pop culture edition of trivial pursuit, it looks pretty cool. We were gonna do it yesterday but after all the furniture rearranging on my part and seth getting called in to teach a class he didn’t know he had, we were pretty tired. We didn’t end up playing yesterday anyhow, Jenny’s back and neck were acting up again and she wasn’t feeling up to it and no way am I going up there without her. I really hope she’s feeling better, it sucks that half the time she ends up having to spend the weekend completely doped up on painkillers and unable to do anything fun while tony leaves to hang out with the sunny isles lame squad.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for now, it’s early and it looks like we’re probably not going to the game at all….it’s not a very important or fun game so it really wouldn’t be that much fun without all the people to hang out with beforehand. Maybe seth and I will go see the cat in the hat today.


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