Delusions of Grandeur

Thanksgiving wierdness

Posted on: November 26, 2003

This morning I was getting ready … keep in mind I had approx. 4 hours of sleep … and suddenly I was struck with a strange and profound thought. Well, maybe a bit more strange than it was profound, but anyhow, you know how every language has words for the sounds animals make….for instance, little baby chickens go “cheep cheep” in english, but say “pio pio” in spanish. What sound does a turkey make in spanish……I’m dying to know what the spanish equivalent of “gobble gobble” is. After thinking this I noticed the irony of the sound a turkey makes being the same as the word we use to describe what we do to the turkey… while you’re all gobbling your thanksgiving dinnner tomorrow pause and reflect that this poor turkey lived it’s entire life prophesizing it’s own death … at least if it was an english turkey.
Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to all who bother with it!

Oh, random side note…..turns out my flight is seven hours earlier than we thought it was so I got to work early this morning and finished all the copies with minimal psychotic arguing with the copy monster. The copy monster must have been feeling in a holiday mood or something……or maybe it was just feeling grateful that it’s not a turkey?


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