Delusions of Grandeur

Just a quick update

Posted on: November 29, 2003

Alright, I finally got a bit of access to a computer so I felt that I would just type a quick blurb. Everything is going great here, everybody is being completely wonderful and I’m having such a great time. I LOVE Boston!!!! The city just has so much history. Speaking of history, as we were leaving Uncle Sandy’s the other day I noticed a sign that said JFK’s birthplace… now I’ve been to the beginning and end of JFK’s life. Random fact for ya. Anyhow, ‘Liza very generously decided to hand out autographs today to the family since everybody’s been asking forever and Fox finally gave her nifty cool publicity shots. Side note: her show has been doing AWESOME and is ranked number one amongst the 18-25 set and is ranked fourth in that time slot, since it comes on against Friends and Survivor that is HUGE. Anyhow, as a result of all this the show just got signed so it’s definitely going to continue. Back to the autographs, she had a very limited number of pictures because she didn’t have much room to pack or much time to pack since she was on the set for 18 hours right before she left. I did however, finally manage to get an autograph for Angela. There was only enough for her to give me one and since Angela has been asking me the longest and is the biggest fan, followed closely by Daniel, I figured it was fair that the one I could get go to her.

Back to thanksgiving, we had this massive leaf-raking session at Uncle Sandy’s on Thursday, I think this may be the first thanksgiving I actually LOSE weight instead of gaining it. My back muscles are still hurting. I worked for 3 1/2 hours before I decided I was going to claim my right as a girl and call it quits. Dinner was great, very yummy, I ate lots of pie. Seth’s mom wasn’t feeling well and completely missed out on dinner, everybody was really worried about her. She really hasn’t been eating well lately and has been really stressed out so it probably combined to knock her flat. Speaking of seth’s parents’ health, I noticed the other day that his dad has a rather pronounced tremor, which is scary. We’re trying to chalk it up to old age, but it’s not just his hands and I’m very worried. I’m gonna watch when we get back and if it continues I’m gonna ask somebody about it. Anyhow, there appears to be no heating in this room and my hands are now FREEZING so I’m losing my ability to type. Maybe now I could get as slow as that 30 wpm, eh? I hope everybody had a great holiday and I’ll update further when I get home. Hey, did I mention that we got to fly here and we’re also going back FIRST CLASS??!?! Totally cushy!
Hugs and smoochies,


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