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I’m sure you guys are pretty sick of reading about this move by now……I’m actually pretty sick of typing about it. So sick of it, in fact, that I’m just gonna post to say that thanks to seth’s friends we got all the furniture moved yesterday in an amazingly short time (although I’m taking partial credit for the amazingly short time since all the prep for the move ensured that there wasn’t anything to do but the actual lifting and carrying). Now the new place is working to obtain official status as a disaster area, but I’m sure we’ll get it straightened out eventually. Once we get everything together we’re going to have a small housewarming party/dinner to show everyone the new place.

We slept there for the first time last night and Nathan actually did pretty well……although he woke me up much earlier than usual so he could go to the bathroom, but that’s okay, I would rather he wake me up than just go on the carpet. Thus far our carpet has remained unsoiled…..I don’t know how long it’ll last but he’s doing good for now. Seth is coming to pick me up here shortly and I’m going to try and get everything in some sort of order before angela gets here…..I’ve got to remember to pick up the airbed from Seth’s parents so she’ll have a non-couch place to sleep. Anyhow, I suppose that’s all for now……better get to work so I’ll be finished before seth gets here.


Every so often I’ll wake up at night and hear weird noises coming from the direction of my floor. I always passed it off as my dog doing weird things. Tonight I have discovered that my dog was not the culprit. No, nothing so ordinary as that……it was the dust elephants. In fact, they’re so big I would say they are dust mammoths, except that it’s much too warm in Florida for mammoths to survive. Although I’m beginning to wonder if mammoths haven’t managed to evolve into a warm climate species and they just forgot to send a memo to the scientific community.

The discovery of the dust elephants (potential mammoths) was a direct result of my desire to make this move as painless for those who are helping us as possible. I’ve moved all the furniture except my dresser (it won’t fit down the hall and has to go out the back door and I still won’t venture outside after dark by myself), Seth’s dresser (it still has a lot of stuff on it which he has to take care of), and our bed (’cause I gotta sleep SOMEWHERE tonight!!). What this means is that I have revealed floor space that has remained a dark, inaccessible dust haven of sorts pretty much since we moved in a year and a half ago. I didn’t know there was so much dust in the entire Universe, but apparently there is, so much so that it has gone WAY past the point of simple dust bunnies.

This process also lead to the discovery of several, here-to-fore unknown muscle groups in my body. Seriously…..I thought I discovered them all after the mint planting incident, but apparently not. Note to self: send memo to scientific community about discovery of new muscle groups and dust elephants (potential mammoths), also make up name for new muscle group. I’m beginning to think that the preparation for the move is actually more injurious than the move itself will be. At least I’m hoping so. The good news is that I will have little to do with the lifting of heavy furniture tomorrow, but rather will be putting things away as they arrive at the new apartment (HURRAY NEW APARTMENT).

After the discovery of the new muscle groups and a new level of filthiness previously unknown to man, I decided I had had enough. (it always looks strange to me when I put the same word twice in a row….anybody else have that problem?) I’ve just finished soaking in the bathtub for a wonderfully relaxing hour and a half (that’s four refills) then scrubbing myself in the shower for about 15 minutes…..just in case there was any lingering dirt. I’m pleased to report that I can find no dirt, although I have discovered a lingering speck or two of paint that has stubbornly resisted all attempts to remove it. The bad news is that I already packed my lotion and took it to the new place so I’ve had to make do with the lotion we keep in the kitchen, which isn’t bad, but smells like lemons so I feel like I’m a piece of newly polished furniture. (Is it weird that I firmly associate the smell of lemons with Pledge?)

Anyhow, now that I’m clean (and polished! 🙂 ), I’m going to enjoy a nice relaxing glass of wine and then take myself off to bed in my surreally empty bedroom.

I went to Home Depot tonight and purchased a dolly/hand truck/whatever you feel like calling it. It’s pretty neat, it converts from the regular dolly to a long bed sort of dolly just by rearranging the handle. I moved all the drawers from my dresser with minimal hassle. In fact the only problem I had is that they were too wide to fit through the door, but one of the residents helped me with it, which was really nice. I finished painting the guest bathroom. We also bought the new shower curtains today.

I talked with Katie and Phil online earlier, they made it home with no problems. They emailed some of the pictures from MGM which turned out pretty cute. One of the pictures is of me in an Indiana Jones hat that I loved so I decided to make a new icon out of it to commemorate the purchase of my nifty new hat. That’s pretty much all that’s going on now. I just wanted to show off the new icon and post a less depressing post after my rant in the previous post.

Katie and Phil just sent me the pics from MGM yesterday, including a really cute one of seth and I. So I just had to make an icon. more explanations later, gotta force angela to see this.

So we went to MGM yesterday and met up with Katie and Phil and had a blast. Trip is very adorable. We played the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” game. The way it works is that the first thing is a fastest finger for the entire audience. After that the audience plays along with whoever is in the hotseat. When the person in the hotseat loses they pull the next person from whoever is highest ranked from answering the questions as we were playing along. Seth ended up being second one of the times which was pretty cool.

In the midst of all this MGM happiness I noticed that I had a missed call and a new voicemail so I checked my voicemail while we were waiting for one of the rides and it turned out to be my mother. I cannot begin to express how ever so happy I was to hear from her……my first thought was to wonder how on earth she got the number. After I thought about it for a while and suddenly it struck me that the only place it could have come from was my sister because nobody else would be crazy enough to give it to her. She said in her message that she would call me back today around 2 my time, but I still haven’t heard from her, which suits me just fine.

I’ve spent most of the day debating with myself whether I should answer it and risk a fight that’ll leave me shaking and upset (while she goes off, smokes a joint and promptly forgets about it) or if I should just not answer and risk her calling back again tomorrow and the next day and so forth until I finally break down and answer. My sister also gave her my Aunt and Uncle’s numbers so I’m guessing that something in her conversation with them led her to remember that I have absolutely no wish to ever speak to her again. Maybe not, maybe she just forgot that she didn’t speak to me yesterday……she’s delusional like that. I bet she’s made up a complete (pleasant) conversation in her mind and the next time fate decrees that I have to see her she’ll tell me all about the pleasant conversation we had and act confused over my hostility…….blah. Whatever the reason I’m glad she didn’t call.

Anyhow, now that I’ve ranted on here maybe I’ll be able to quit thinking about it. It drives me nuts that she can still affect me this way. I’ve been thinking about it pretty much non-stop since she called, imagining conversation scenarios in my head. I always think I’m past it until something like this comes up. Why can’t she just leave me alone? What on earth does it take for her to comprehend that I want nothing to do with her and that I’m not going to change my mind. I’m never giving her the opportunity to try and ruin my life again. See… I’m all upset again…..I’m going to go back to my IM’s with Katie and Angela, work on a bit more packing and try to forget this whole stupid mess…….

Well we finished with the painting in the master bedroom today. I was thinking about going to bed bath and beyond and getting a few things for the house but then I remembered that today is christmas eve and it’s likely to be extremely crazy in any place where shopping is the main activity. We’re gonna wait for the laundry to be dry, pack, then head out to Orlando, stopping to drop Nathan off at Tony and Jenny’s on the way. I’m sure Nathan will be thrilled. He’s been rather annoyed at us for engaging in activities that he doesn’t understand, such as putting things in boxes and going to a strange place where he has to ride in a noisy box that goes up and down and all sorts of other inexplicable things. He’s rather smart for a dog, it’s just that the concept of moving is a bit out of his realm of experience.

We got one small load moved today but forgot to bring the boxes back with us. We’ll probably stop in on our way back into town tomorrow night and pick them up so we can start moving all the small stuff on Friday and get the majority of it moved by the end of Saturday so it’ll be easy to move the big stuff on Sunday. There’s nothing worse than helping somebody move and finding out they haven’t even cleared the stuff off of the things they want moved so we’re hoping to avoid that scenario. Hopefully by the time Angela gets here on Monday night we’ll be to the stage where we’re just setting things up. I still have to figure out where she’s gonna sleep!!!

I can’t wait to get to Orlando tonight. I doubt we’re gonna get there early enough to do anything, but tomorrow we’ll definitely be spending the whole day with Katie and Phil and I think it’s going to be alot of fun. I can’t believe how much they charge for tickets to get into Disney…..good thing we decided we were going to Tampa to meet Angela’s brother and not to Orlando. Anyhow I just heard the buzzer for the dryer so either my clothes or dry or I need to go restart the dryer so I suppose I should get off here and get on with the rest of the day.

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