Delusions of Grandeur

Take Two

Posted on: December 2, 2003

Well, we’re on to disaster number two, although like the last one, it was remarkably minor. Seth got up this morning to go to class, which starts at 8. At approx. 7:45 he headed out the door. About two minutes later he was back in the house telling me that his car was broken into. I went out to look at it and the stuff from the glovebox and center console was scattered everywhere. They had taken his “car wallet” which holds his gas card and three store account cards, including the best buy card. They also took all the change that was in the car which comes to a probable total of a whopping four bucks as well as a few other random things. Seth also keeps his little mini Discover card thing in the car which thankfully they didn’t recognize as a credit card so they didn’t take it. I doubt we would have remembered that it existed until we got a ridiculous bill from Discover.

The wierd thing is they left the two pair of 150 dollar sunglasses alone and didn’t touch the thousands of dollars worth of stereo equipment. Our initial thought is that somebody drove by and scared them off, but then we discovered that my car was broken into also. I can also just about guarantee that mine was broken into second….it’s obviously less valuable and the windows aren’t tinted so you can clearly see that there is nothing in it. If you had to choose between two cars it would be wise to chose the more valuable one, unless you were looking for something specific. The only thing I can think of that they could have been looking for would be keys. I know that we often will carelessly leave our house keys in the center console of the car, especially when we’re riding together and both of us bring keys. If you think about the earlier “peeping tom” incident and analyze it from the point of view that they were checking out the house to see what equipment we had inside…..well, it starts to add up.

Anyhow, the good news is that we cancelled all the credit cards so in reality all the bastard ended up with was 4 bucks worth of change, 4 half crushed cigarettes, 4 useless credit cards, a half bottle of stale cologne and a cheap bic lighter decorated with the miami dolphins mascot. All in all I would say that’s a pretty crummy take for a night’s work. We’re getting Seth’s alarm fixed this weekend (the horn on it has blown out so it doesn’t make any noise) and either moving or having a security system installed. Wierd that we can be gone for five days and nothing happens but the night after we get back our cars get broken into…….maybe thiefs take a thanksgiving holiday too?


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