Delusions of Grandeur

Life, as we know it

Posted on: December 4, 2003

Have you ever seen those commercials where they’re talking about “medicine head” and the ladies head is a balloon and it slowly floats away from her? I believe they are sudafed commercials. Sudafed claims that it does NOT cause “medicine head.” I think the advertising execs for sudafed forgot to give that memo to the makers of sudafed. Or maybe it was a just a bad fax…..instead of saying “Make sure this doesn’t cause medicine head” the poor makers were only able to read the part that says “cause medicine head.” Seriously, of all the medicines I’ve ever taken, Sudafed is the only one that makes me floaty. Sadly it is also the only one that seems to work when I get a really nasty cold, such as the one I have now. Although on a brighter note it does tend to make me lose weight ……

Anyhow, awful cold and floaty head aside, work is crazy right now. Everything is running in full swing with this grant and we’ve got our first site visit a week from tomorrow. We’ve now established a weekly meeting time that seems to work for everybody so that should cut down a bit on the madness that reigned before. Additionally my office upstairs is finally ready so I’ll be moving up there tomorrow. I wonder if I can attach my computer to my floaty head and let it soar gracefully to the third floor?


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