Delusions of Grandeur

Walking in a winter wonderland

Posted on: December 6, 2003

Define Irony: A christmas tree decorated solely around the theme of “snow” located in a place where hell would have to freeze in order for there to actually be a white christmas.

So I finally got my christmas tree up, having realized that I really am truly stuck here for the holidays. I didn’t put it up last year and since I only bought it the year before I had completely forgotten what it looks like. It’s very pretty, all blue, white and silver with the ornaments that have snow flakes or snow men painted on them, plus the random ornaments that actually ARE snow floakes and the little bows that a barely noticable silver snowman print on them. It wasn’t until I finished putting it together that the irony of it all struck me. At least it’s finally gotten slightly colder here. I mean, we’re down into the seventies now, whoo hoo!!! I should just keep telling myself that the entire rest of the country is probably wishing for the weather I’m experiencing right now….I guess I’m just in a bad mood.

On a happier note I just talked to Angela a while ago on IM and she really is seriously considering the trip down here for new year’s which would be competely awesome and I should be able to make it up to Orlando to see Katie and Phil while they’re down. I have to remember to ask her if she knows what parks they’re going to on what days yet. Anyhow, I’m gonna go play with all the new goodies we bought at Best Buy today…..maybe playing with new possessions will make my capitalistic heart happy.


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