Delusions of Grandeur

The blahs have decided to take a long hike through the Himalayas

Posted on: December 7, 2003

I am in such a great mood right now. I found out today that Angela is for sure coming down, which makes me really happy. I spoke with my grandmother just a few minutes ago and she’s getting me this nifty thing to make my satellite work for both tvs since I’m apparently an electronics store dunce and can’t find one down here. Seth and I had a long talk last night, instigated by him, not me, in which he apologized for not considering my security and general well-being after these incidents we’ve had and he’s going to speak with our landlord tomorrow so we should be putting down a deposit on our new apartment by mid-week. What’s really cool is they’re giving us December free so we’ll have PLENTY of time to move in. Seth also said I can paint, which he’s thoroughly put his foot down on before, but I think a year and a half of whining has finally paid off. My dog is behaving well, and the nifty timer I bought last year for the christmas tree that never worked last year now seems to be functioning properly. So far the day has been great.

I went shopping after dropping Seth off to teach class tonight. I planned on buying everybody else’s gifts but instead ended up buying three more for him and one for Angela. The good news is that I only have one more thing to buy for him though so that’s finished and I’ve got everything wrapped so there won’t be any early discovery of what’s in the packages. It also means that my tree now has gifts under it, which makes me happy to look at. I found this really cool wrapping paper at target that has these snowflakes on it that are slightly raised and fuzzy. I didn’t realize it when I bought it, but now that I’ve wrapped a couple of things in it I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve still got to add the ribbons and name tags to the presents I’ve wrapped so far, but I can do that after I pick Seth up from class. Speaking of which, I need to leave to go get him relatively soon so I suppose I had better get off here.


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