Delusions of Grandeur

I can’t drive 55……

Posted on: December 13, 2003

Alright so the mall and all traffic associated with it was CRAZY today. I mean it was like a club in there, people jammed in shoulder to shoulder with little room to walk and no way whatsoever to hear. Then the whole way home I didn’t even get to shift into 4th gear……blah. The good news is that I finished with all the cookies but one type which I’m gonna make tonight. The bad news is that my kitchen is so small I have no room to keep the cookies. I went to Target and got these cool trays that are meant for breakfast in bed, but they stack on each other and have a non-stick bottom so they’re perfect for cookie storage, so hopefully that’ll help alleviate some of the storage issues.

On to another topic, the final Lord of the Rings comes out on Wednesday which I am becoming increasingly excited about. I’ve been looking forward to it but I haven’t really had the energy to devote to being excited about it. Now they’ve got all these great previews on TV for it and I really want to see it. Seth and I may go Wednesday night, which would be a minor miracle since Seth doesn’t like to go to the movies and HATES going to big movies on opening night.

In other random news I got a christmas card from my dad today, which was pretty random. I called him to thank him for the card and ended up talking to him for 45 minutes. It was actually really nice. We haven’t really talked much since I was 14 and we’ve definitely had our issues. Until very recently I was puzzled by the fact that I have very strong negative emotions towards my mother but only minor negative emotions towards my father when I actually respected dad much more before all the family crap happened than I did mom. You would think that the disappointment would color my opinion more, that I would cut my mother some slack since i just expected it from her, but I finally decided that it’s probably a result of the fact that while they both hurt me, my mom was intentional and came from actual actions on her part whereas my father just didn’t do ANYTHING, positive or negative.

Anyhow, he’s getting married again this June. This is going to be his fifth…..eek. No wonder I have issues with marriage!!! However from all accounts she’s actually nice, even Tasha has very little bad to say about her…..which is pretty amazing since she can say bad things about EVERYBODY, especially anybody my dad is involved with!!! Well, I guess that’s pretty much everything for now, I’m gonna go drag my tired self to the kitchen and finish making cookies.


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