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Posted on: December 22, 2003

We painted this weekend and accomplished alot. The study/game room is now finished so we can start moving alot of that stuff. We decided we aren’t going to paint the living room just because I’m a bit neurotic about changing things and we don’t want to end up having to repaint in a few months just because I’m slightly crazy. The bedroom is mostly finished. We’ve just got to add a few finishing touches to the trim and seth wants to do something with the door frame of the closet so that still has to be done. I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with the guest bathroom. It’s going to be a heck of a set-up to get it done but I think it’ll look really nice once it’s finished.

I took Nathan with me last night when I went to paint since I felt guilty for leaving him home all day (well, five hours of it anyhow, which truthfully is less than a standard work day, but he’s very adjusted to our time schedule so when he gets left home on a weekend he knows it!). I took his bed and blanket and a toy that he likes so that he would have something familiar to make him a bit more comfortable. He was so confused and unhappy. None of our stuff is there yet so he didn’t understand what was going on. I tried playing with him, I tried ignoring him, I tried having him stay in his bed cuddled up with his blanket, none of it worked. I even took him for a walk through our little mini-park that is next to the pool area. He liked that, but once we got up to the apartment he went right back to whining at the door. I guess he’ll have to stay home until we get some of our stuff moved over so that he feels better about it. I feel bad leaving him, but it was much worse bringing him along.

In completely unrelated news I’m completely moved into my new office. It’s nice and warm, probably the only warm room in the entire building!!! It’s nice to not be all shivery the entire time I’m at work. It’s also got a better view….granted the view is of several parking garages and a few trees, but it’s still better than the roof of the mental health hospital cafeteria!! I did not, however, get rid of the wierd smells. I thought I was forever free of bad food smells since I left the land of burnt popcorn, but it turns out I’ve entered the land of people who eat a lot of fish. I swear every meal somebody around here has fish……I think they even eat it for breakfast!!! Yuck. I hearby vow that as my gift to all humanity (or at least that part of humanity which works in the same office that I do) I will never ever bring stinky food to eat at my office. I don’t even bring tuna because it smells bad, unless I’m going to eat outside. I also vow not to dispose of any food in the group trash, but rather, I will politely put any potentially smelly trash in my own office trash can instead of forcing others to endure whatever stench my food may cause.

In happy, non-stinky news Angela will be here in a week!!! I’m very excited. I should also be seeing Katie mid-week, assuming all goes well financially, which I’m hoping for, but starting to worry about. I wish I were rich. Or at least comfortably upper middle class. Of course I would probably just have more things to pay for then……seems like the more money you have the more responsibilities you have to pay for. Anyhow, it’s very rainy and dreary here today and it’s making me exceedingly sleepy so I guess I had better get some work done while I’m still mostly awake.


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