Delusions of Grandeur

Truckin’ along

Posted on: December 24, 2003

Well we finished with the painting in the master bedroom today. I was thinking about going to bed bath and beyond and getting a few things for the house but then I remembered that today is christmas eve and it’s likely to be extremely crazy in any place where shopping is the main activity. We’re gonna wait for the laundry to be dry, pack, then head out to Orlando, stopping to drop Nathan off at Tony and Jenny’s on the way. I’m sure Nathan will be thrilled. He’s been rather annoyed at us for engaging in activities that he doesn’t understand, such as putting things in boxes and going to a strange place where he has to ride in a noisy box that goes up and down and all sorts of other inexplicable things. He’s rather smart for a dog, it’s just that the concept of moving is a bit out of his realm of experience.

We got one small load moved today but forgot to bring the boxes back with us. We’ll probably stop in on our way back into town tomorrow night and pick them up so we can start moving all the small stuff on Friday and get the majority of it moved by the end of Saturday so it’ll be easy to move the big stuff on Sunday. There’s nothing worse than helping somebody move and finding out they haven’t even cleared the stuff off of the things they want moved so we’re hoping to avoid that scenario. Hopefully by the time Angela gets here on Monday night we’ll be to the stage where we’re just setting things up. I still have to figure out where she’s gonna sleep!!!

I can’t wait to get to Orlando tonight. I doubt we’re gonna get there early enough to do anything, but tomorrow we’ll definitely be spending the whole day with Katie and Phil and I think it’s going to be alot of fun. I can’t believe how much they charge for tickets to get into Disney…..good thing we decided we were going to Tampa to meet Angela’s brother and not to Orlando. Anyhow I just heard the buzzer for the dryer so either my clothes or dry or I need to go restart the dryer so I suppose I should get off here and get on with the rest of the day.


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