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Catching Up

Posted on: January 5, 2004

As you all know, my last update was a week ago today…..a week is a long time for me to go without updating so this is probably gonna be a doozy……depends on how bored I get as I get halfway through it.

Angela arrived Monday night with no problems. We discovered that with the current disarray of the house there’s not enough floor space in the second bedroom to put the airbed up so she’s been sleeping in the comfy overstuffed chair that we have, it comes complete with an ottoman and several fluffy pillows. Right after she arrived we grabbed a quick bite to eat, went by his parents to switch cars (we had borrowed his mom’s forerunner so we could move more stuff from the old place) then went back home to drop off Angela’s luggage and change. We then made our way up to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with Emmy and Cliff. We started out at some bar that had three for one drinks, but which closed so early we were forced to chug our third drink before leaving. We then went across the way to Iguana Cantina, had more drinks, danced for a while and generally had a fun time.

As it was closing we decided we wanted to go across the street and hang out on the beach. We managed to convince some drunk guy that he wanted to go swimming……he was dumb enough to leave his clothes on the beach unguarded so they soon ended up scattered and we soon ended up with feelings that were a combination of shock and hilarity, with a small amount of guilt thrown in. We forced ourselves to make sure we paid attention to this guy so he wouldn’t end up drowning. He didn’t actually swim, just stumbled around naked in the shallows and shouted things to other random people on the beach. I was quite thankful that we were far enough away that we couldn’t ACTUALLY see that much of him.

After the fun on the beach which resulted in most of us having annoying amounts of sand attached to our persons (well mainly Seth because I shoved him into the sand after he was being goofy), we headed over to Denny’s for some breakfast since it was around 5 by that point in time and we were getting pretty hungry. We ate, talked, ate some more then decided it was time to call it a night.

Tuesday was pretty quiet. We decided to chill at home instead of going out to Opium with seth’s cousins since we knew we were going to be out the entire night Wednesday. We watched a few movies, rearranged a bit of furniture and generally relaxed.

Wednesday was a marathon day. Angela and I went shopping as soon as I got off work at noon. We were shopping until about 5 pm but at last we found everything we wanted to doll ourselves up for the night and we headed home. We showered and got about halfway ready before we had to meet seth’s parents for dinner. We just took all our stuff with us in a gigantic gym bag and decided to finish getting ready after dinner. Dinner was good and surprisingly efficient, after which we headed back to Seth’s parents house to finish getting dressed. Thirty (or maybe it was forty-five) minutes later we were out the door and on our way to South Beach. We met up with Ally, her boyfriend and their group across the street from Opium Gardens/Prive and decided to wait at a bar around the corner for ‘Liza and company to arrive. The line for Opium went up the street and around the corner, it was pretty crazy. As we got about halfway through our first group Ally got a call from Kim saying they were a few minutes away and that we should wait for the limo to pull up a quarter of a block up the road from the Opium entrance and we could meet up with everybody there.

Once the limo arrived everything moved pretty quickly. We greeted ‘Liza, Ben and Kim and Aaron and Lenny who were all with her then the bodyguards formed a loose circle around us all and walked us through the crowd and to the door. After that it got pretty crazy and we had to pretty much fight our way through the massive hoard of humanity that was in the club. After making it through five rounds of bouncers we finally got to our VIP booth…..we almost ended up loosing the way but ‘Liza was standing on a couch so we saw her and found the booth. Ally, Ben, Kim, Aaron and Lenny all ended up getting lost and didn’t end up joining us for like half an hour… actually took them even LONGER to find Ben. By this time it was 11:30 and the champagne (Moet and all FREE) was flowing. The music was great and while it was crowded we definitely had WAY more room for ourselves than the people who weren’t in their own VIP lounges. Jessica Simpson was actually in the lounge next to ours and apparently ended up talking Angela for a short bit.

We had a great time dancing and then throwing the confetti they brought up for us. We actually ended up catching some of the confetti on fire in the candles, although only like three people realized it, the rest of us found out about it later. We were there ’til like four in the morning until on the way back from the bathroom (now THAT was a mission) we saw four bouncers carrying Aaron out with Lenny hanging on to one of his arms and yelling at the bouncers. Apparently they didn’t believe he was ‘Liza’s brother and wouldn’t let him back into the lounge. Seth and I joined into the fight for a moment, both yelling at the bouncer that they couldn’t take him out that he WAS ‘Liza’s brother and what on earth were they thinking. Finally we decided they weren’t going to listen so we made our way back to the lounge. ‘Liza wasn’t anywhere to be found so I told Kim what had happened and she went to investigate. Eventually the word came through that we were gonna head out so we made our way out front where we piled into the limo to go to the Shore Club.

It took us like 45 minutes to get approx. fifteen blocks up the road, which was REALLY ridiculous. By that time I had to pee so bad i actually thought my bladder was going to burst. The driver let us off at the sagamore and everybody decided to walk to the Shore Club. We made a pit stop for the bathroom. By the time we finished everybody was in the club and we decided it wasn’t worth it to fight with one of the bouncers to get in and since it was late we decided to just go home and not bother with it. All told though it was a great time…..definitely the best new year’s ever!

The next day (thursday) we had a barbecue at seth’s parents and a generally relaxing day. Friday was another relaxer, although I worked until about 2. We went and saw Mona Lisa smile Friday night, which was actually pretty good. I’m not entirely sure it had a point, but it was a nice story. Saturday morning we left for Tampa and stayed the night with Cameron and Amanda, Angela’s brother and sister-in-law. We took Nathan with us…..turns out he was sort of a training dog for Ethan, Angela’s nephew. Both Ethan and Nathan had a blast together once they reached some basic understandings and I’m pretty sure they’ll be buying a dog for Ethan soon. Sunday Angela, Seth, Cameron and I went to Busch Gardens and had a great time. There were no lines….the park was virtually empty. We rode Kumba three times, Montu once, both sides of Gwazi and took the sky ride and the train to see the animals from a different perspective. It was a gorgeous day…..a little hot, but still really nice. We got home last night around midnight and promptly collapsed into bed.

In moving news….well, not much has happened since last monday, which I was pretty certain was going to be the case. I’m still DSL-less which really sucks. No DSL combined with my trip to San Francisco on Wednesday means I’ll be pretty sporadic in my posts for the next little while. It’s been a great week though so far and a great start to the new year. I’m really glad Angela could come down, we’ve really had a great time!


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